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Contacting me doesn't have to be very difficult.  I think it is lame when you go to the contact info section of a Blog or a Website and it really help you out.  So maybe I'm totally wrong but I'm going to assume that you are on this page becasue you want to get a hold of me. And I'm also going to assume that you are here becasue contacting me through, commenting on this blog or messaging me on the Facebook page, isn't how you want to go about reaching me.  I know sometimes it just isn't how you want to get in contact with someone. So I'm not going to give you nothing, or tell you to just contact me here like a lot of people do.  I'm going to try to help you out a little with a few options.

Here are the best two ways to reach me if you need to apart from the sites.

TEL: 269-684-2448 (land line. TXT won't reach me.)
EMAIL: cameralabstyle@yahoo.com
FAX: (what are those?)

If you need anything more than this, please ask for it through email or give me a call.
Hope that gives you what you want.

Japan, Gifu, Ogaki, Town, Sunset, Mountains,
Walking home in Ogaki Japan at sunset

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