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Hello everyone. I am Logan Runyon, and I have a passion for photography. This little blog is my attempt at sharing my passion with all of you out there on the inter web. The world is an amazing place full of visual candy and I wish to share all of the candy I am privileged to partake of.

I will be posting photos from traveling.  I really love traveling and seeing new sights, I just can't help myself from bringing some if it home with me on my camera. I have always really enjoyed viewing other photographers photos. I was so glad they posted them for all to see because those images really did take me on a journey around the world when I couldn't and was stuck at home.  I hope you will feel the same way about my photos as I post them. Let me take you visually along with me, and save you a ton of money by paying all the travel expenses for you.

I will be posting work I have done for clients when they allow it. If you are interested in some photographic services I am available.  Please contact me about what you have in mine and we will see if I can help you out. Go here for contact info.

I will post about things i learn about photography also.  Really this blog is all about sharing.  Feel free to ask questions on posts or comment.  I really appreciate the feedback.  Also feel free to share relevant info or links.

Check back often, or follow the Facebook page to seen new posts as they pop up.

Linkedin page https://www.linkedin.com/in/logan-runyon-1b7a9b115

Happy Seeing and Reading. Cheers.

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