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Talking about the eggs reminds me. Who reading this has ever tried to find eggs in the super market in the UK? You know what i'm talking about. For those who have never been or never looked for eggs, i couldn't find them. I had to have someone show me.  I looked in the dairy section, poultry section, and even the frozen isle. Someone took me to where they were and i would have never looked. There were sitting on a shelf, non-refrigorated, next to the evaporated milk and baking things. kind of grossed me out. How long can a store egg last? Well they tasted fine and were fine, so no problem.
Also along the lines of food. There is a market near London Bridge that is pretty cool. You could buy anything under the sun fresh. fresh bread, vegies, cheese, olives, fish, beef, pork, ANYTHING. Well I was at this French cheese vendor. Two ladies were buying his cheese and wanted a receipt. He hand wrote the receipt and added his seal to it and everything. His penmanship was super. I was very impressed and the fist thing i though was "wow! i need to learn to do that!". Thank you French lady magnet for giving me a reason to work on my penmanship. haha.
There is so much to see and do and experience here. I'd love an opportunity to live here. Even the street profferers are great here. Can't really tell about it though. You'd just have to see and hear for your self.

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