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So far I'm really enjoying London and taking a liking to this city. It is just how i though London would be. My image before hand was active people, busy streets, busier pubs, history everywhere, large parks, shopping to satisfy anyone's desires or budget, and grey. It is amazing how "English" English folk really are. They fit the bill. Their hair, their clothes, their build is exactly as i would have guessed. I'm sure I stand out as an american in my american tshirts and with my American haircut.
I am discovering a good pair of walking shoes to be accentual here in London. Good would mean arch support, heel padding, and most of all water resistant. I did bring comfortable pair of shoes with me (IE crocks) but in the past few days I have been fashion aware and haven't been wearing them, but instead the more trendy Convers Style flats. They have done murder to my feet.  So I i'm in search of good new shoes. Not today though.  I don't think i can bare walking too far. Also to be accentual here in the summer time are sweaters and or a jacket to protect you against the 50F heat of summer.
I've so far just been enjoying myself here and haven't bolted down yet to do any hard core photo shooting.  So what have I been up to?  In the day time i'm wondering around and getting a feel for where things are. I have to do it on foot for me to know where things actually are in relation to each other. On a Tube (the underground) map stops are all equal distance from each other, but in actuality some stops are crazy close. To save money I'll walk if i know it isn't too far.  But also wondering around the pst few days has just helped me get an idea of direction.  London isn't set up like American cities.  Street blocks are not square and roads are not straight. In the evening i've been Trying London's multicultural dining. I've been to Japanese, Spanish, English, and even American restaurants so far. Lol my first day in London I found a Five Guys and couldn't resist eating the familiar. Usually after dinner I head to a pub with some people i know to meet up with more people i know or to meet new people. Last night specifically I met up with 2 Japanese businessmen in the Laser Communications business for dinner and drinks. English pubs in London aren't your average American bar. These are really popular places with all walks of life congregating there. I was too full from last nights dinner, but London is famous for Fish and Chips. Chips mind you are just normal old American French Fries.
It came up in conversation among the Japanese guys that the English like their beer room temp. Luckily i haven't yet been served a warm beer but it does sound gross. Beer tends to be cooler off the tap. But i have noticed it isn't ice cold like we enjoy it in the USA.
In the morning I'm off to a French bakery for a latte and quiche. It is a wonderful way to start off the day, and there are many other places and options so i can't imagine getting to tired of eating at these places.
Half the time for Lunch i'm so caught up in exploring and looking around in shops i forget all about lunch. I've almost been here a week and i'm sure i've lost weight already.  Just from the active lifestyle. I have no way of weighing myself though.
Overall my trip is going amazing but it isn't without some problems. My allergies are as bad as ever here. Nice thing is Clarityn is Cheep cheep cheep here. A weeks worth for only £1.99. Also my feet are killing me from not wearing good enough shoes. I plan to change that ASAP though. Then today i discovered The London Underground took £11 from me. I have a card called an Oyster card which you add money too to be able to ride the tube. Last night i noticed the card said i only had £3.40 left and that didn't seem right because i just added £20. I checked my travel history digitally and sure enough, when i Topped Off it only gave me £9 instead of £20.  Took it to the office and the man there was no help saying he didn't see what i was seeing and there wasn't anything they can do. Well i'm use to it i guess. no different from American service.

Today I will focus on getting things put together for visiting schools here in London.  I need to choose 12 of my best photos to show them.  choosing a variety of 12 photos isn't easy. In between writing this blog post i've been adding and removing photos i like. I'll be posting the 12 photos on this blog when i finally get them picked out.

Oh some more English words that i've picked out are; "Bangers" which are english sausages tasting a bit like meet loaf, "Crisps" the things we call chips, as i mentioned before "chips" good old French fries, and "busker" a street performer.

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