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I've spent the weekend in London so far. There was so much to take in, trying to remember it all and then put words to it is a bit difficult. It also doesn't help that I'm exhausted. The weekend was nonstop go go GO.  I've been doing so much but at the same time i really haven't done anything.  So far my business has been just seeing what is out there and not really doing any of it. For anyone who has been here before you know, There is a LOT to see. (especially on foot)
London is big and has been getting bigger over time. Some areas are old and feel like you just walked into a 18oos or 1920s English movie.  Others like the area i'm in now, is really new and modern and really doesn't feel that much different from the USA.
I've never been someplace so multicultural. When i'm out and about I'd say only about 10% of the people are native Londoners.  You can pretty much pick out who is living full time in London or someplace else too by their dress. Stereotypes are pretty accurate I guess.
Let me point out some differences i've spotted quite quickly between American living and London.  1) People cross the streets wherever and whenever they want. Cars won't stop but what i'm getting at is there isn't J walking here. 2) there isn't a general fear of being approached by a police officer, and they are quite polite actualy. 3) people don't get in their bathing suit for sun bathing at the beach. They are in their swim wear for a trip to the park. On a warm day the parks are full of a sea of people. It is an interesting sight. 4) You don't rent here. you LET.  A common sign to see here is "Office Space for Let". 5) walking around town drinking alcohol a is perfectly normal and acceptable thing to do. I've been told it isn't uncommon for office workers to bring alcohol to work with them to sip on throughout their Friday before going home for the week end.
I'll let you guys know as i learn about some of the other things I realize during my stay.
The 2 biggest reasons for visiting London is Taking photos and finding a school for photography. I haven't taken too many photos yet, but don't worry.  I will be. There is so many interesting things going on here. I've brought almost 20 rolls of Black & White film with me for shooting people on the streets, and a 16GB SD card and 3TB storage. My shooting options are basically limitless.  The plan for my photos is since i'm staying for such a nice length of time to shoot and reshoot, and try to get the best shots I can. I want to challenge myself and take photos that show a little bit more meaning than just for the sake of a nice photo of the subject. I don't really know what that means. I'm open to suggestions.
I've visited 2 Lomography stores and one even had a nice little exhibition going on. I have a feeling i'll be frequenting them for film and chemistry.
I saw a post on Facebook recently that i really like.  "Whatever you do give 100%... Unless you are donating blood."

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