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Paris is a very hard pill to swallow. At first it got stuck in my throat and i didn't like it, but once i gave it some time and got it down, Paris is one of my favorite places on earth. If you haven't been to Paris yet go with thick skin, then have fun. Why do I love Paris? I feel it is so organic. The streets and the buildings flow with the lay of the land. It is nice. And the food is like none other. At first when i entered Paris i felt the place was so hostile and dirty, "why would anyone want to be here?" but just like anywhere, there are good areas and bad.  Unfortunately I found the bad areas first. I was staying the first 3 nights in a small water damaged 1 star hotel. I shouldn't need to say more. But it wasn't so bad. The nights were hot so it would have been a bit nicer though if the room had some AC. After my skin thickened up I started to enjoy Paris. I went to a few art galleries and tried out some great French sweets. French eating I've got to say is my favorite part. good wine, beautiful and tasty sweets, and a presentation to knock your socks off.
Getting a bit lost is easy to do in Paris. All the buildings are pretty much the same height and look.  no real Landmarks other than the famous ones you are now looking at while reading this. But you can't really see these landmarks most of the time. It isn't like "oh over there is the Eiffel Tower so i need to walk that way". No you could be pretty close but the six story buildings around you make it impossible. The square block system is nonexistent. Without a map you can't expect to walk one direction and keep going that direction. To get around easily, you pretty much just need to learn where things are. Also don't expect too much help from locals. some are nice but from experience you usually are treated pretty rudely. I'm telling you, "put up with it". This is just how it is. Best thing to do is learn some basic French. It helps with the attitudes and you can more easily get what you want.
Now i'm going to say, if you want to visit Paris, DO IT! Knowing these things  will help you get around and be able to enjoy your stay. Knowing exactly what you want to do and where that is beforehand is very helpful. All areas of Paris aren't so nice or safe.  I had my back pack picked in an area i thought somewhat safe. From that point on i locked my bags.  It made it a pain getting in but this way i wasn't inconvenienced. If i may suggest some great things to do. Eat, eat, EAT! The food is to die for. Don't be stingy with your money. more really is more i think. Get a good bottle of Champaign. May i tip Moet & Chandon? It is excellent.  Eat Sweets from bakeries. Macaroons, Caramel Creme Brulee, Pan Chacolat, and chu cream are some of my favorites. Another tip is museums are free on the first Sunday of the month. If the Catacombs are open, go! They aren't always and it is amazing.

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