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Well hello to everyone.  As most of you know I moved to Rochester New York to attend RIT's (Rochester Institute of Technology) Advertisement Photography program.  This is an exciting opportunity for me to learn all the things I struggled learning on my own, with my own limited gear.

The first assignment in the first summer class I have here is Light as Subject. This class is an intro class and the assignment was quite basic with pass/fail grading. However, this exercise is a good one to do from time to time to be aware that light can make a boring scene interesting.  I feel I achieved just that.  My pictures aren't particularly interesting apart from the lighting.  It makes one stop and think how good lighting can improve and already interesting image even more.  This wasn't anything new to me and I'm sure isn't new to many of you reading this.  But the exercise keeps it real and is a good reminder to practice from time to time.

Now enough talk out of me.  Here are the images from the assignment.

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