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Monday the class was given the assignment of shooting plain white paper.  those were the only rules.  Well this and of course if we want to do a good job it better be interesting.  I was a little frustrated at first with this assignment because although I am use to these kinds of "think out of the box" assignments from past art and design classes, I didn't like having one this early in the class.  So of use in the class still struggle in making a good image based on seeing and maneuvering the less familiar pro cameras. I want to learn as much as i can about making a simple image good before moving on to being "creative".  But being creative was the assignment so be creative I was.  I only had 5 hours to shoot these so please forgive me, they are more conceptual rather than final images. Again I haven't learned how to make these kinds of images well.   So this is what I have.  And on comment back to the previous blog post, this does better represent my interests and style. I didn't go out and find this sitting in the woods.  I had to fabricate it from concept to delivery.  Enjoy.

P.S. Interesting bit. None of these images are actually black and white.  They are full color.  just amazing what you can do when you can control everything in a studio.

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