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Hello Friends, family, classmates, and strangers reading this.  I found some time today to write a little bit about Logan the person rather than Logan and his photos.  Today I wanted to just share a little about my most recent thing I've been obsessing over.  Going to the moon.  Now I must say I've never really had any desire until recently to be an astronaut.  In fact not too long ago I couldn't see how anyone would want to actually venture into the vastness of the vacuum of space. But in the last 2 months I'd say my view on space has changed to strong intrigue.  I had been thinking how great the past must have been for explorers and adventurers.  The ocean is that way and beyond in unknown, or and area was known but un-mapped or unstudied. But now there are few secrets of exploration still left in the world and none that interest me.  But space! only a handful of people have been and have not ventured very far. There is a rarity to space because of this.  I find it interesting metal is floating around out there and it may not be anything that exists here on Earth.  I'm finding myself really wanting to poses, touch, document something rare like that.  I have contemplated buying small meteorites, moon rocks brought back by NASA, and special interests in the film from the cameras astronauts used.  Alas I am not working while in school so these objects are out of reach but it is still something i think about a lot.

One of the reasons I got into photography is I wanted to show people who could go to the places I've been what I saw and how I felt being there.  Maybe inspire others to travel as well.  Now there are no thriving cultures to photograph on the moon or even Mars that we are aware of.  But as a photographer I want to do something rare.  But there are photographs shot on the moon but so few.  And what about Mars.  It takes so long to get there and the only images we have are sent back by machines.  lol I'm not saying exactly that I want to drop what i'm doing and become an astronaut or that this is what I want to specialize in.  But it wouldn't be something I would turn down if our paths crossed.

Another thing that interests me is photographs of the undeveloped America.  So i think when I see photos on the moon, "will this view be full of buildings and people inhabiting it at some time? What kind people people would live on this moon city?  How would they make a living?".  I also wonder if all it will take is some photographers and storytellers bringing back images and dreams that will make people take serious steps out of the planet.  Of course there is a lot of science in the way so it isn't so simple.  But I think it will happen at some point and I want to be there before it happens to show what the frontier looked like.

Because in a way this is impossible, I like the Idea of owning something that has been in space.  Specifically something from the Apollo 11 mission that has gone and come back with the history of the first men on the moon. there are Pens, and Mylar, and really expensive things that cost the same as a house, but what interests me is a film cell. Proof Man went, and captured the surface.  Proof of history.  Of course, film is up my ally as a photographer.  So for now maybe I'll do that and just dream until the end of my days about going to the moon.

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