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This past weekend the class was given the assignment to go out and shoot freely.  In many ways open assignments like this are difficult because it is too broad.  Kind of like "Where would you like to go eat tonight".  Unless you have something specific in mind it is impossible to choose.  On top of it, this assignment was given by a our new teacher.  We swapped teachers about two weeks in and this assignment was given so she could get to know our interests and style.  Well this is a bit annoying because my interests in photography I can't just go out and shoot over a weekend. And even if I could the shoot if outdoors is often dictated by weather.  All together the assignment was aimless.  I'm not particularly happy with any of these photos and if it weren't for an assignment I would haven't even gone out of my way for these photos.  FYI  It isn't really all that good in reflecting my taste and style.  I actually hate these kind of "go out and capture something for the sake of art" photos. My point is it isn't my style.  But that is what i have and have been doing and am going to be doing a while it seems.

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